Kaeser Kompressoren

Another International competitor has chosen Scott Wilson & EnglishThatWorks for thier English needs.

XAL See the Light & Viteo Outdoors

Scott Wilson & EnglishThatWorks welcomes XAL GmbH. and their subsidiary Viteo GmbH. as new clients.

Harvard Business Review - Webinars

Through my subscription to Harvard Business Review I stumbled upon access to a variety of Webinars.  They are certainly worth looking into.  Alone the last one, Inovating over the Horizon - How to survive disruption and thrive, was very interesting and gave terrific insight into the Disruption theory.

Thanks to the team at Iventa International Management Consulting GmbH

It was a pleasure working with you Edith, Sandra, Gertraud and Astrid. Your motivation and drive to improve really create the environment I enjoy working in. 


TAC Informationstechnologie GmbH

 Tac Informationtechnologie GmbH., makers of Reservation Assistant Spa and Activity Software, are now valued clients at EnglishThatWorks.

Innovation Must Reads

Harvard Business Review has published ten articles which may be of interest to you Innovation oriented folk out there. follow this link HBRs ten must reads on innovation

Word Puzzles for Kids

I have stumbled upon a couple cool tools for helping your kids learn.  One is the Hot Potatoes Program for making games and quizzes and another is the web site SuperKids Word Scrambler. Try them out.

Not Enough Time

"I didn't have the time," "I had too much to do," how much time does it take to get out of bed in the morning? How much time does it take to eat breakfast? How long do you sit in the car or on the bus on your way to work? 

Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, with an iPod or other mp3 device is all you need to get started listening to podcasts or audio books. 

Here is how it works.  

  1. Listen to the podcast or audio book.  
  2. Stop it after five minutes.
  3. Try and recreate the details of the text in your mind. If you can't recall everything, listen again.
  4. Then try and go over all the points again in your mind. When doing so, think in English, not in German.

After some practice extend the length of the piece you listen to.  

Two English skills are practiced with this method.

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. thinking and in English

That's ten, maybe fifteen minutes for a little English practice.

                                                                                                 Give it a try.

Harvard Business Review

Last year while preparing some course work for my Campus02 Innovation Management courses I stumbled upon the Harvard Business Review website.  Here is an excerpt from HBR's  website describing it's mission, " to improve the practice of management and its impact in a changing world. " That said, if you are interested in improving your English skills as well as your management skills, follow this link. Harvard Business Review

Manager Tools Podcasts

Listening to Podcasts can really help improve your English language skills.  It is often hard to find worthy content to listen to.  I stumbled upon Manager Tools several years ago and I have them not only to be very useful for listing comprehension exercises, but also for the very content the name implies "Manager Tools". These podcasts offer "managers and individuals actionable recommendations to further their careers". Take a moment and follow this link, "Manager Tools", not only will you improve prove your language skills but also your manager skills as well.

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